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Over 40,000 teachers placed since 2008!


Education recruitment specialists – and so much more  

Since 2008, Teach Now has been quietly changing the world of teacher recruitment. From our unique primary school-based HQ, our experienced, diverse, and dedicated team believe that matching the right candidate with the right environment is integral to success and adds that extra dimension to the classroom. With a 15,000-strong candidate database and more than 40,000 successful work placements to our name, our high-quality service is at the core of everything we do.

As the name suggests, we’re education recruitment specialists  – but we’re also so much more. Of course, we’re here to listen carefully to your needs, your special talents and interests, and your areas of experience and expertise and then match you to that ideal job. But that’s just one facet of what we do. 


Exclusive access to jobs at over 300 schools

We’re passionate about providing our clients with a high-quality, ‘360 degree service ranging from unrivaled and exclusive access to career openings at more than 300 schools to career development, training, and support with the day-to-day practicalities of teaching life. And that includes financial stability and security while ‘on supply’ through our Guaranteed Payment Scheme Contracts – as well as day-to-day cover and relocation support.


Established, Tried, and Trusted Education Specialists in teachers recruitment

Naturally, we are not the only employment consultancy to include education as part of their portfolio of services. Where Teach Now surpasses its competitors, though, is through the unwavering focus and attention to detail demonstrated by our strong local and international connections. As a company, we retain strong relationships with our schools and local authorities. Through involvement in school governance, working parties, and committees such as Barnet’s Recruitment and Retention Committee and the London Diocese Board for Schools. Teach Now has also been identified as its preferred and retained recruitment consultancy for its ECTs (Early Career Teachers – Formerly known as NQTs).


Teaching Without Borders

Although our primary focus is managing teaching positions throughout the UK and New Zealand, we are always interested to hear from teaching professionals from across the world who are keen to widen their professional development by teaching in the UK. To date, we have successfully recruited teachers from throughout the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

If you trained outside of the UK, you can still apply online for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in the UK through the Government website


Interview Training  

Teach Now’s services do not stop following registration and subsequent job searches – far from it. We believe it is our duty to ensure that each candidate benefits from continued professional and personal development.

Teachers recruited by Teach Now will benefit from CV and application support and interview preparation to ensure that your best qualities shine through before and after meeting your future employer.


Promotion Development 

The future development of our teachers, is imperative to our continued success. We pride ourselves on building successful, longstanding relationships with our teachers. Our goal is to play an integral part in your future career progression.

The degree of involvement is entirely up to you. For example, in the first months, many ECTs benefit from the ongoing support provided by our education trainers’ and access support with planning, assessment and with preparation for formal lesson observations. As your career develops, and you feel ready to take on additional responsibilities and promotions, your dedicated Teach Now consultant is on hand to offer insight and advice on how to prepare. This support also extends to those seeking middle and senior leadership roles, with consultant educational leaders also on hand to offer expert support and advice.