Find teaching jobs in Brent, the Borough of Diversity.

Have you ever considered a teaching job in Brent? The London Borough of Brent isn’t just one of London’s most diverse areas – it’s also one of the most diverse boroughs in the entire United Kingdom. Once home to celebrities such as the Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts, Louis Theroux, Zadie Smith, and George the Poet among countless others, the borough’s also famous for notable landmarks such as the legendary Wembley Stadium, Wembley Arena, and Neasden’s Shri Swaminarayan Temple – the largest Hindu temple outside of India.

Teaching jobs in Brent

Teaching Jobs in Brent

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Brent – Borough of Culture

Since it’s one of the most multicultural boroughs of one of the world’s greatest and most cosmopolitan capitals, it’s safe to say Brent’s an exciting and fascinating place to live and to work. The sheer number of languages spoken here is enough to take your breath away – 149 of them, including Arabic, Gujarati, Portuguese, Somali and Romanian to name just five. Since this was where many of the Windrush generations first settled, the borough is now home to a large African-Caribbean community and notable as the place that introduced Reggae to the UK thanks to Trojan Records, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Needless to say, the borough’s one of London’s most intensely creative areas – little wonder then that it was London’s Borough of Culture 2020.

Teaching jobs in Brent

Education in Brent

All those languages, ethnicities, and cultural and religious backgrounds make this a truly exciting, rich and rewarding setting for the education professional – and a great place for newly qualified teachers to get to grips with the challenges and rewards of teaching EAL (English as an Additional Language) learners. It’s not just in language lessons that you can create opportunities to broaden and deepen vocabulary and understanding of English – and there’s enormous job satisfaction to be gained from imaginative teaching here, especially when you consider that while the children of migrant families may face greater challenges than most, they generally have more motivation and higher aspirations.

A great place to be based

Living and working in Brent of course means you’re just a few minute’s tube ride from the heart of the capital – the borough has 21 stations, the second-highest of all boroughs. That said, there’s no great need to leave the borough at all with attractions such as Brent Cross Shopping Centre, Notting Hill Carnival, the museums, galleries, and the Albert Hall in adjacent boroughs and arguable the world’s most famous sports stadium right on your doorstep.