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International Teacher Recruitment for Schools

The Finest Overseas Trained Teachers.

At Teach Now, we recognise the significance of a diverse and skilled teaching staff in enhancing educational experiences.

A recent recruitment tour of Canada saw us recruit in excess of 300 trainees from key educational settings and universities.

Access to a Diverse Talent Pool

Pre-screened Candidates

Virtual Interviewing

Cost-effective Solution

International Recruitment for Schools
exceptional, internationally trained teachers

Tackling the teacher shortage with overseas teacher recruitment from across the world.

These internationally trained teachers will be seeking employment starting in September 2023, and we are thrilled to present our clients with the opportunity to virtually interview these pre-screened teachers and offer them full-time classroom teaching positions in their schools.

High-Quality Training

Our rigorous apprenticeship program ensures that our apprentices receive top-quality training, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to excel as teaching assistants.

Hands-on Experience

Through hands-on involvement alongside experienced teaching staff in our schools, our apprentices gain practical experience that enhances their skills and knowledge in a real-world educational environment.

Developing Teaching Staff

Schools participating in our Apprenticeship Scheme benefit from a cost-effective solution to develop their teaching staff, while also making a positive impact on the growth and development of young talent within our communities.

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to diversify your teaching staff with exceptional, internationally trained teachers. Experience the transformative impact of global education perspectives in your school.
International Recruitment for Schools

Access to a Diverse Talent Pool

Our dedicated overseas teacher recruitment team provides our clients with exclusive access to a diverse pool of internationally trained teachers. These educators bring unique perspectives, experiences, and cultural richness to their classrooms, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

International Recruitment for Schools

A Truly cost-effective Solution

Our international teacher recruitment team offers a cost-effective solution for schools seeking to diversify their teaching staff. By tapping into our international talent pool, schools can enhance their cultural diversity without incurring the additional expenses associated with travel and accommodation.

International Recruitment for Schools

Pre-screened Candidates

We understand the value of your time and resources. That's why all our candidates go through a rigorous pre-screening process to ensure they meet the necessary qualifications and requirements. This saves our clients valuable time and ensures they are presented with only the most qualified and competent candidates.

International Recruitment for Schools

Virtual Interviewing Process

Embracing modern technology, our virtual interviewing process allows our clients to conveniently interview and assess candidates from the comfort of their own offices. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming travel and accommodation, making the recruitment process more efficient and accessible.


Why Do We Call It Overseas Teacher Trained Arm?

We believe in maintaining high standards and rigorous procedures. Our Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) team, comprised of experienced professionals, acts as colleagues, consultants, and non-executive directors. They virtually screen our international talent pool and conduct standard school interviews. These interviews ensure that we identify any gaps in the international teachers’ learning, while maintaining a thorough and accurate selection process. Rest assured that the final shortlisted candidates are diligent, competent, and capable teachers who are well-prepared to hit the ground running in UK primary or secondary schools.

Recruitment Countries

We are actively recruiting teachers from overseas in the following countries: America, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, and South Africa. These nations provide a rich source of highly qualified teachers who bring global perspectives and expertise to UK classrooms.

Sponsorship Schools

If you are interested in our sponsorship support service, our team of expert visa specialists can guide you through the entire application process. They are dedicated to providing support and alleviating any concerns or apprehensions you may have, ensuring a smooth and stress-free recruitment avenue.

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