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7 Reasons Why You Should Become a Supply Teacher


You are required to hold a B.Ed or PGCE qualification to work as a teacher in our schools. If you are qualified overseas you will need to have a comparable qualification through a commonwealth or through a NARIC, along with comparable experiences in a primary school. We can support with ECT placements or day to day work for those teachers who don’t hold QTS, however please note we can only support you with work until you hit your 5 year experience mark as by this point unless you hold QTS we are legally not allowed to provide you with work as a qualified teacher and you will be classed as unqualified teacher scale
We are able to support with day to day work, permanent work and long term placements (where you are still contracted to the agency)
We now cover West London, North London, East London, South East London and Hertfordshire. In addition to this we have unique partnerships with other local authorities and organisations so please contact us to find out more about we can support you
Yes we do! Here at Teach Now we can support you to be successful at interviews, by CV advice and interview practice with our partner Headteachers
Yes we do, we have currently been commissioned by Barnet Local Authority to recruit ECT’s for the London Borough of Barnet. In addition to a fantastic relocation support programme in place we can support you secure your ideal ECT placement.
We certainly do! We are able to help you secure a role in your ideal area up to 12 months in advance!
Based on your area and work requirements you will be in touch more frequently with that consultant so you can build continuity
We ask you that you share with us your experiences, as if you have a preferred schools we will always try and prioritise you returning to those schools more frequently
You are required to completed all marking before leaving the school. Planning will predominately be left for you, however in some circumstances the planning may not be available so please have a planned lesson just in case its require
For day to day bookings we ask you arrive at school by 8:15am (if you have been given enough notice) and once the school day ends and marking has been completed you are able to leave.

We have online timesheets here at Teach Now so you are not required to do anything apart from sign in and out of the school

Teaching Assistant

No, you don’t need a qualification to work as a teaching assistant, as long as you have relevant experience. If you have a qualification this may be beneficial to you as you could receive a higher pay bracket to reflect this.
At Teach Now we can support with; day to day work, part time, full time and in some cases permanent work too
This can vary slightly with different schools, however you can be expected to work from 8:30am to 4:00pm
Yes, you need experience with working with children in an educational or supportive setting within the past 2 years. If you don’t have any experience working with children in these settings we recommend you contact your local primary schools to try and obtain volunteer work
You will need an overseas police check to cover you time in another country. If you don’t have one we are unable to proceed with your application. Please contact us for more information.
How Often Will You Get Paid?
You receive pay each Friday,  and are paid a week in lieu

How Much Do You Get Paid?
Teaching assistants pay can vary dependent on location, school, experience, qualifications and role. The pay varies from £60 per day to £85 per day
Yes we do, we can support with teaching assistant/SEN/support staff roles in nurseries, primary and colleges
Yes, here at Teach Now we are committed to supporting our teaching assistants and teachers with further development training. This can include re-fresh sessions, an overview of the role of a teaching assistant, expectations, safeguarding and much more!
Can Teach Now Help With Applying For a DBS?
An enhanced DBS costs £52.00 and as long as you can provide the correct documents we can submit your application on your behalf. In some cases DBS’s can take up-to 3 months to process so if you are looking for work and need a DBS contact us asap in order to minimise the registration time.

Will I Need A New DBS (Police Check) If I Join Your Agency?
To use your DBS with more than one employer you must have this registered on the update service. If you have a DBS that is valid (within 3 years) but it isn’t on the update service you will need to apply for a new DBS and put it on the update service
In some situations we may be able to support with volunteer work within our schools. These situations include: if you hold a teaching or EYFS studies degree or experience in the past working in schools – please contact us for more information about this

Relocation To London

Yes we do! We can actually conduct a telephone interview for a contract upto 12 months in advance! We have teachers arriving and starting work all year round so please contact us to find out more
No, however we do advise that you commit at least 6 months, this amount of time will enable you to get the most of your experience, work in a variety of schools and travel!
Yes of course! We supporting many couples to relocate, we will always offer our advice on their relocation in terms of their own employment and try and help as much as possible. You will both need to apply for your own visas (unless you both have the right to work here).
Definitely! We believe its vital that a 1:1 consultant is available all throughout your relocation. You will speak with the same person here at Teach Now throughout your entire relocation, this will enable you to build continuity and trust with your 1:1 consultant. Once you arrive you will meet the team and get to know the consultants that will be providing you with work. However, the support from your 1:1 doesn’t end when you arrive, they still keep in touch with you and are still there for support
We do work with teacher aids and teachers, however we are unable to guarantee teaching aid work until you arrive and meet with schools and you must have education experience. We specialise in primary schools, however we do have a cluster of secondary schools that are able to support with full time class teacher posts across the core subjects
QTS is “Qualified Teacher Status” in the UK. In the UK once you have completed your PGCE or Bachelor of Education you must complete 1 year as an ECT (Newly Qualified Teacher), where you will receive a mentor, additional training and support from the school. Should you pass that year you are then awarded QTS. In the UK ECT’s are only allocated 5 years to complete their ECT year. If you hold your registration in your home country you can apply for QTS before you even arrive – it’s a very simple process and can be done online!
No, you need to hold your teacher registration in your own country to teach in the UK. However please note, you can only teach here for 4 years without your registration. If you are hoping to stay for over 4 years without your teaching registration then you will need secure UK  QTS through an assessment only route.
At Teach Now together with our payroll company we are able to support you with a relocation bonus which includes a flight reimbursement, visa reimbursement and even parts of your temporary accommodation given back to you as a relocation bonus
Through a lot of research from staff here at Teach Now and our previous overseas teachers we recommend you base yourself in North London (along the northern tube line), popular areas includes: Islington, Camden, Finchley, Muswell Hill, Mill Hill, Barnet and Southgate
At Teach Now, together with our partner Principals we provide induction to the UK training which includes: safeguarding (keeping children safe), maths, English, marking, planning and much more!

Relocation continued

Yes we do! We offer a very comprehensive relocation package that supplies you with advice and guidance with: visa application, accommodation, flight, connecting you to other teachers here, social events, taxi pick up and much more!
We are able to support you with permanent work, long term roles and day to day roles with guaranteed pay!