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Glömstaskolan: The School in a Class of its Own

Sweden’s Glömstaskolan breaks the mold! Open classrooms, student-designed learning, and just 1 rule: ‘Be good’. Fostering responsibility & engagement, this school is a breath of fresh air.
At the start of a new school year vacancies for teachers are ripe for the picking. What began some 15 years ago as an ambition to reinvent education recruitment consultancy with our own unique new approach in which we actively support and nurture our candidates’ career development is now ‘in
The national shortage of SEN provision in England’s schools is a subject we keep coming back to – and, despite the latest government announcement, it remains a highly controversial topic. One thing, at least, is undisputed: Special Educational Needs provision in England is in crisis, with two out of three
Non-graduate teaching apprenticeships: is this long-standing idea about to come of age and finally go into action?
An exciting new charity partnership dedicated to helping families affected by Angelman Syndrome – and to helping fund research and treatment. Almost a year ago, in March 2023, we published an article here entitled SEND for Help!, which focused on the national shortage of SEN/SEND teachers – and the UK’s lack of
Make sure you’re getting the best from your employer – so they can get the best out of you! It’s been more than two years since we stopped using the term NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) and adopted ECT (Early Career Teacher) along with a new approach to the induction process designed
In the fifteen years since Teach Now was first established in a London primary school, we’ve come a very long way indeed – and although we’ve constantly evolved as we’ve grown, developing and refining innovative ways of working, one thing remains unchanged.

A ringing endorsement of our unique approach. One part in particular of the King’s Speech on the 7th of November was music to our ears at Teach Now:  ‘My Ministers will strengthen education for the long term. Steps will be taken to ensure young people have the knowledge and skills to

Teach Now makes the Financial Times’ UK’s Leading Recruiters list for 2024 If there’s one thing more satisfying than being recognised for your team’s talent, hard work, and commitment to excellence in a prestigious national broadsheet, it’s the fact that the Financial Times list of the UK’s leading recruiters is based on

The capital really is a great base for a career in education Because we’ve been based in London ever since we were established here 15 years ago, we’re obviously somewhat biased – especially since we’ve spent all that time developing mutually beneficial working relationships with so many London schools, colleges,

Another ground-breaking idea from Teach Now. At Teach Now, innovation has become something of a company tradition. Ever since day one – over twelve years ago now – we’ve been developing our unique approach to education recruitment consultancy. Of course, we match people with jobs – but for us that’s

A resounding endorsement of our fresh new approach to education recruitment. Since the birth of Teach Now some twelve years ago, we’ve been striving to create a new way of working – an innovative, dynamic reinvention of education recruitment consultancy. It’s meant developing a new, unique approach that goes further

Empowering young talent for a bright future in education. Since we began some fifteen years ago, we at Teach Now have been determined to be much more than an education recruitment consultancy. We’ve been developing a fresh, unique approach – we don’t merely place people in jobs; we actively nurture