Emotional literacy support assistants – meeting children’s wellbeing needs

Emotional literacy support assistants – meeting children’s wellbeing needs. “The idea is to motivate children and engage them in understanding their emotions better. It’s a mixture of feelings and other difficulties we’re dealing with – anxiety, low self-esteem, sadness, angry feelings or non-compliance and friendship problems,” says Vanessa Biles, an emotional literacy support assistant (ELSA)…

Tackling the teaching assistant shortage

Tackling the teaching assistant shortage. Teaching assistants are in short supply – that’s according to the Skills and Employment Trend Report October 2020, published by the Skills Network. It shows that teaching assistant posts are the most sought after positions in the early years and education sectors – with the number of job postings totalling 40,965 between…

Why Teach in London?

Why Teach in London? The short answer is, ‘Why not!’ As the capital city of the United Kingdom, it’s huge, historic and immensely influential – economically, politically and culturally – so whether you’re from another part of the UK or anywhere around the world, it’s a great place to lay the foundations for your career….