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ECT Teaching Jobs for newly qualified teachers.

As an early career teacher (ECT), your education journey is just beginning. With Teach Now, you get continuous support and all the guidance you need.

Teach Now specialises in connecting exceptional ECTs with the perfect schools. We understand the unique needs of new teachers and can help you find a supportive environment where you’re able to thrive.

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What development can you expect from your ECT induction?

Primary or secondary teaching?

As an ECT, a world of opportunity awaits – and it’s not limited to ‘hands-on’ teaching roles by any means. Although, of course, everyone starts their career in education in the classroom. The first question, perhaps, is what kind of classroom do you have in mind? Indeed, you may well have decided on the general direction you want your career to take. Many aspiring teachers are attracted to primary school teaching because it means you play a key role in shaping young minds so early in their development. It also involves teaching a broad range of subjects, albeit not in great depth. Those with a passion for their subject might prefer secondary-level teaching – precisely because it means specialising in what you know and love. It means you become a genuine expert in your area – a real authority – and that you can really make your expertise, knowledge, and insight count in inspiring young people’s academic and career direction.

There’s More to Primary Schools Teaching Jobs Than You Might Think!
SEN Teaching Assistant Jobs

Beyond the classroom

Further down the road, once you have a good deal of teaching experience to your credit, along with the communication and organisation skills all educators develop over time, you’ll find it’s not just classroom doors can open for you. The eventual possibilities include Head Teacher/Deputy Head Teacher roles, further and higher education teaching, SEN and SEND teaching, educational IT consultancy, advisory & policy development roles in local authorities, think tanks, editing/writing work in education publishing and working as a self-employed private tutor, amongst many other opportunities.

Teach Now – a great place for your future to start

We know that’s a lot to digest. And that even if you already have a good idea where you’re going, it’s hard to know where to begin. That’s where Teach Now comes in. Over the last twelve years, we’ve been developing a fresh and unique approach to education recruitment consultancy – one that aims to nurture our ECT candidates’ development and support them throughout their careers. In the process, we’ve built strong, enduring working relationships with education authorities throughout greater London and, increasingly, nationwide and internationally too. So, we’re in a position to put you in touch with the right position in the right school in the right area to fit your abilities, talents, and aspirations. What’s more, once we’ve got you off to a great start, we’re with you all the way, with advice, guidance and ongoing support to keep your career on track.


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