Another ground-breaking idea from Teach Now.

At Teach Now, innovation has become something of a company tradition. Ever since day one – over twelve years ago now – we’ve been developing our unique approach to education recruitment consultancy. Of course, we match people with jobs – but for us that’s just the start. We believe in nurturing and supporting our candidates’ personal and career development – and in building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with schools and local authorities. 

We know the importance of the right fit – for the school, for the teacher and for the pupils. We also know how hard it is for overstretched head teachers to find the considerable investment of time required to source, screen, interview and hire the right person. All of which is why we’ve come up with an exciting new solution called CONNECT.


It’s a fresh, fun, and FREE way to streamline the recruitment process by matching schools with educators at informal networking events, carefully curated by our dedicated and experienced team of education recruitment professionals. Held in various London Boroughs – and outside London too – they’re a great way for Headteachers to meet and interview prospective teachers, teaching assistants and special needs teaching assistants in a friendly, informal context without any sense of obligation. It’s great for candidates, too – because they get to meet more than one potential employer each time. No stress, no pressure – just an efficient, convivial, and highly effective hiring solution.

Access to a huge pool of candidates

As an employer, CONNECT is a chance to meet more people, with a wider range of qualities, talents, aptitudes, and aspirations than you ever could by the conventional interviewing process. And because you meet people without any obligation, CONNECT events often help employers refine and define the specific qualities they’re looking for. 

Talking to prospective employees and employers in person

The informal, even sociable, nature of our events puts people at their ease – which makes for worthwhile and revealing conversations. No other means of vetting candidates or of getting the feel for a prospective place of work and employer offers this kind of insight. And no other approach is as enjoyable!

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It’s FREE, it’s quick and it’s Incredibly easy

Whether you’re an ECT or QTS looking to begin or further your career in education or a Headteacher looking for the best teaching talent, we think you’ll be as excited as we are about our FREE networking events.