There’s More to Primary Schools Teaching Jobs Than You Might Think!

Posted By: The Teach Now Team
There’s More to Primary Schools Teaching Jobs Than You Might Think!

Helping you make your primary career choice.

Maybe you’ve already committed by pursuing a Primary Education degree – or perhaps you’re still wondering whether secondary or primary school teaching would suit you best… Or maybe you’re leaning towards the secondary school route because that way might offer more personal and career development opportunities… Well, some may be surprised to find that there’s a lot more to primary schools teaching jobs than you might think!

You’re in at the very beginning

Young people may begin formal learning to win qualifications when they start secondary schooling, but it’s at primary school that their ability to grasp concepts and understand the world around them really comes into play. Which means primary school teachers have a deep-rooted, lasting influence on their pupils – one that’s arguably more profound than that of those who teach them in adolescence and beyond. That means you’re playing a vital role in shaping the lives of the next generation. And they’ll remember you for decades to come!

Up close and personal – and doubly rewarding

It’s a bit of a cliché to say that teaching is among the most rewarding of professions – but it’s true. And doubly so for primary school teachers. That’s because primary schools are almost always far smaller than secondary ones – so you get the chance to get to know your pupils personally, thereby improving your teaching techniques as you discover what’s most effective with each individual.

You learn as much as they do

Primary school teaching means learning all the time – because, unlike secondary education, you’ll be teaching across the whole curriculum (rather than specialising in a single subject). So, you’ll need to do your own research and make sure your command of literacy, numeracy, art, PE and more is up to the job! That makes primary school life a lot more diverse than you’ll find in any other area of teaching.

Diversity in your pupils too

By definition, primary school kids have yet to specialise or to be filtered off to different types of secondary education – and they’re almost always local to the school, all of which means you’ll be working with a greater diversity of children. Not just in ethnic and cultural terms but also in their educational needs.  

A chance to get creative

Of course, you do have to adhere to the national curriculum – but not in the way secondary school teachers do. The way you plan and deliver your lessons – and the creative and practical elements you build into them – is up to you. You may well find the process of inspiring children very inspiring in itself!

Develop internationally transferable skills

Because the skills you’ll develop cover a wide range of subjects, they are in high demand internationally – and teachers who have trained in the UK are looked upon very favourably by employers in many countries.

Primary schools teaching jobs with Teach Now

Teach Now is a great place to begin if you’re thinking about becoming a primary school teacher (or indeed continuing to be one!). Unlike ordinary recruitment agencies, we do a lot more than registering candidates and attempting to place them. We’re small enough to take a genuine personal interest in each of our teachers and to work with them on their career development. And who could be better to help you with your primary school teaching career, in London and across the UK, than an agency with its HQ actually in a primary school!

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